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Analog Online Mastering is an Online Mixing and Online Mastering professional service. We’re a collective of sound engineers  working in an innovative facility, with high-quality analog and digital equipment. Our expertise in the field let us guarantee quality results at affordable prices. If you’re not satisfied of your product you can contact us, ask for a free sample and evaluate the difference.

Our engineering team is able to provide a song’s online mastering or online mixing in 24/48 hours from the reception. That’s not because we’re superficial, but because our experience and expertise, together with our facility and equipment, let us understand very quickly which are the problems in a mix. Our workflow is optimized to serve more than fifty clients a day without any problem.

Analog Online Mastering

A quality album sound is unique. We have the necessary equipment and experience to make your product just like the albums you love. When we work on an online mastering or online mix, the first thing we ask you is “which are the musical references for this product?”. We then compare what you sent us with the music you like and, if it’s necessary, we give you guidelines to get the most out of your material, so that we can get you the desired product.

Online Mixing

Working with us means evaluating before paying. We know that getting the wrong sound on an album is unbearable for a musician. Choosing the wrong recording studio, mixing studio or mastering studio happens often, and what you get is an unsatisfying product. That won’t happen with us, because we give you the opportunity to check before you buy.

To get an online mastering or online mixing sample, you have to send us one of your songs first. The upload procedure is easy and free. To find out how to do it and which are the guide lines to follow for an optimal result, check the Free Sample section.

Once we receive your song, one of our engineers will work on the free mastering online or mix online sample. The sample will be send to your email and, if necessary, we will add a note about how to optimize what you sent us for a better final result. If you have any issue with the procedure, our staff will assist you.

Listen to the online mastering or online mix sample we sent you on all your audio systems to evaluate if you’re satisfied with the result. If you think we did a good job and you’re interested into buy our product, contact us for the payment and to ask for any modification. We’ll give you an additional review for free!